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How To Open Metal Electricity Doors In Phon Qi Caverns In Star Wars Jedi Survivor

In the Phon Qi Caverns you will find unique doors that you won’t find anywhere else. In this guide on How To Open Metal Electricity Doors In Phon Qi Caverns In Star Wars Jedi Survivor we explain the familiar mechanic behind opening these doors so you can explore the caverns and take out some enemies.

The Phon Qi Caverns are quite a unique location in the game as you can discover them very early but in order to explore all areas of the Phon Qi Caverns, you will need a variety of Cal’s travelling powers such as the ability to pass through green forcefields. The metal doors in this area that pulsate with lightning may make you feel you need a specific ability to get through, but that’s not the case. You can open these as soon as you are able to explore those parts of the caverns.

How To Open Metal Electricity Doors In Phon Qi Caverns In Star Wars Jedi Survivor

It’s the same concept as using the exploding droids to open the melting metal doors that you sometimes see except down here, there are no exploding droids. As you are exploring the caverns you will notice that some of the plant life is very much, well, life. Pulsating in small nest-like objects and growing in size as you get close. You can use Cal’s force abilities to pull these from the wall and then launch them at enemies.

You’ll notice that when these strange plants explode, they leave behind a pool of acid that damages anything it touches. This is what you need to use to open the electric doors. Simply throw one of the plants onto the door and it will melt away. If this is your first time entering those doored areas, make sure you’re prepared for a rough fight.

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