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How To Open Purple Shrine Door At Start Of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

At the start of the game there is a mysterious purple door. This guide on How To Open Purple Shrine Door At Start Of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet explains what this door is all about, how you can unlock it, and the broader mystery of these special items these doors are tied to, black stakes.

If you want to avoid any spoilers, it’s safe to know that you cannot open this door until very late in the game. There are several of these colored shrine doors and each corresponds to a certain collectible found in the game world. We’ll get into more detail below.

How To Open Purple Shrine Door At Start Of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

These special shrine doors are tied to black stakes that you can find scattered around the region. There are four of these doors in total, purple, green, yellow, and red, one corresponding for each corner of the game world. You need to find 8 stakes matching the color of the door in order to open it. The purple door, or the Grasswither Shrine, is for the South East area of the map. You need to find 8 purple black stakes in the South East area to open the door.

You need travel powers like glide and climb so don’t worry about this at the start, come back much later to find the 8 Purple Stakes.

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