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How To Open Red & Gold Dragon Gate In Final Fantasy 7 Remake

How To Open Red & Gold Dragon Gate In Final Fantasy 7 Remake
Stumbled across the Dragon Gate but can’t get in? This guide explains How To Open Red & Gold Dragon Gate In Final Fantasy 7 Remake as it’s somewhere you will encounter very early in your adventure through FF7R but unfortunately, it will be some time before you can get inside.

This ornate red and gold gate with a dragon design actually belongs to Don Corneo, a character you’ve unlikely to have encountered so far in the story. There are actually several gates like this scattered throughout the game, eventually it’s a quest to hunt down Corneo’s Secret Stashes but for now, how do you get inside this first gate?

How To Open Red & Gold Dragon Gate In Final Fantasy 7 Remake

How To Open Red & Gold Dragon Gate In Final Fantasy 7 Remake
You first encounter one of the Don’s secret stashes on Steel Mountain, on your way to the Sector 5 Slums. It’s a very unique gate, gold and red, decorated with dragon symbols. To put it bluntly, you will not be able to enter here for a long time. You must progress very far into the main story before you can open the gate and get the loot, and Materia, that’s locked behind it.

You must follow the main story until you reach Chapter 14. It’s the final chapter where you have the opportunity to openly explore more of what Sector 5 has to offer. You gain access to Chocobo’s for fast travel and it’s the perfect opportunity to finish any business you may have before proceeding towards the final chapters and battles of the game. To gain access to the game, in Chapter 14, you need to progress through the Chapter until the quests are unlocked.

Once the quests are available, speak to the reporter standing by the fence just North of the Sector 5 Slums Center District. He has earlier quests as well so you will be familiar with him by that point. Then simply follow the quest objectives to get the key. Be sure to check out our FF7R Odd Jobs Guide and once you get towards end-game, look out for our Don Corneo’s Stash Location Guide.

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