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How To Open The Apartment Safe In Deathloop

When you get to your apartment in Deathloop there is a safe you can open if you have the code. Check out this guide to find out how to open the apartment safe in Deathloop. This way you don’t accidently miss the code and then you don’t get what you need from the apartment.

How To Open The Apartment Safe In Deathloop

When you first get to your apartment, you will see the safe but of course cannot recall the code. After the events in your apartment, you have a new spot to go to near the shore. Follow the story until you need to get to the security station on the coast. Clear the area of enemies and then use your hacking tool to open the door to the security room. Inside there are a couple of things you need to do. Press the button on the recorder, then check the notepad behind the desk.

Now you will have the code to your apartment safe. My code was 7435, but I am pretty sure it is randomized. When you get back to the safe it has been ransacked, but when you die and come back you can loot it. It is all story related stuff so you can’t miss it anyways, but I know people will be wondering.

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