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How To Open The Safe On The 4th Floor Of Luigi’s Mansion 3

On the 4th floor of Luigi’s Mansion, there is a safe that is locked. The code to unlock it is easily missed if you don’t know where to look. Check out this guide to find out how to open the safe on the 4th floor of Luigi’s Mansion 3.

How To Open The Safe On The 4th Floor Of Luigi’s Mansion 3

The safe room is connected to the men’s bathroom on the 4th floor. Use Gooigi to pull the rope down in the gated toilet room. Enter the Boo room and you will see the safe. The puzzle is easy once you know what to do. You have to hit all the bottles that are not corked with the vacuum. You can either use the suck or the push but you need to do one at a time. Start on the left and work your way right. I used the push function and was a little distance away from the bottles. You can slowly whip the vacuum to the right and you will hit each row. When you get to a corked bottle, move to the next set of uncorked bottles. You do need to move decently fast or it will reset.

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