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How To Open The Throne Room Doors In Rogue Legacy 2

How To Open The Throne Room Doors In Rogue Legacy 2
The Throne Room Doors are currently sealed, so what’s next? This guide on How To Open The Throne Room Doors In Rogue Legacy 2 will tell you exactly how to open the doors so you can progress into the boss room. The method is actually pretty obvious but it’s difficult enough to consider there may be an alternative.

I’m unsure how early you are able to open the Throne Room doors. You can discover them on your first few runs. However, it is also tied to an Insight. In order to get the Insight, you must first complete another Insight and then reach the Throne Doors again. If you’ve yet to learn the ability to read the nearby memory, check out our Insights Guide.

How To Open The Throne Room Doors In Rogue Legacy 2

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If you have the Insight and read the nearby memory, it tells you how to solve the puzzle. Both of the torches must be lit and stay lit together. This is done by jumping onto the torch and then doing a downward strike. This sounds simple enough but the timing makes it very difficult, at least I struggled very much.

You will definitely need to unlock Dash first. The additional jump from one of the runes will help as well. This can be very frustrating but once I had Dash, I was able to do it in a few minutes.

Once you have opened the Throne Room Doors you can enter. Once you are inside you are immediately placed into a boss battle. It can be a very difficult fight depending on how much you have upgraded your castle, your equipment and your other stats. I went in the first time with under 10% HP and was dispatched very quickly. Hopefully you have some better luck. If you’re low on health, maybe try and find some Meat or heal off some enemies before attempting to go inside and face the boss.

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