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How To Open Winged Doors In Code Vein

How To Open Winged Doors In Code Vein
Found one of the many doors adorned with wing designs? This guide on How To Open Winged Doors In Code Vein explains what you have to do in order to open these mysterious doors so you can explore beyond their limits for new Blood Codes and additional story

It’s likely that you will first encounter one of these special doors in the Cathedral of the Blood Stained region. Initially it appears to be the door that leads to the boss of the area but as you continue on your adventure, you learn that they have a much more important role to play.

How To Open Winged Doors In Code Vein

[line style=’solid’ top=’10’ bottom=’10’ width=’100%’ height=’1′ color=’blue’] These unique doors are an integral part of the story. Within each lies a Successor, a human sacrifice that has helped to lock away part the dreaded Queen via special artifacts. You need to enter this Crypt areas and complete each one as part of the story progression.

You cannot interact, open or otherwise do anything with these doors until you reach the appropriate point in the story. To avoid spoilers, it’s in the Cathedral of the Sacred Blood area. Once you reach the end, when you get the Visage memory for the main character, continue past that point, after the boss. There’s more to explore. Eventually you will reach the cathedrals entrance, it is shortly after this that you learn the ability to unlock these doors.

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