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How To Pick Dandelion Seeds In Genshin Impact

How To Pick Dandelion Seeds In Genshin Impact
The Windblume event day two is in effect and one quest requires Dandelion Seeds. This guide on How To Pick Dandelion Seeds In Genshin Impact will explain how you’re able to collect the Dandelion Seeds as initially, you are not able to interact with them until you meet a specific requirement.

While the Windblume is event is in full swing, Dandelion Seeds are not a new addition to Genshin Impact. They have been in the game since it launched and are even involved in other quests and activities, so it’s more than likely you’ve picked some before – if you’ve been playing regularly since launch. However, for players returning to the game after an extended absence, looing to harvest the rewards from the Windblume event, Dandelion Seeds may prove confusing at first.

How To Pick Dandelion Seeds In Genshin Impact

The quest starts when you access it via the Windblume event menu. Once you begin the quest an objective marker will direct you to Starsnatch Cliff. When you arrive, you will need to dispatch a group of slimes, take them out and switch to a Anemo character, these are the characters with Wind abilities. The main character is an easy choice as it’s available to everyone. Once you’ve switched, simply use an Anemo ability on the Dandelions and you will be able to pick up the Dandelion Seeds.

  • Start the quest via the event menu
  • Head to Starsnatch Cliff
  • The exact location is marked on the map
  • When you arrive you will need to kill some Slimes
  • Once the slimes are defeated, switch to an Anemo character
  • Use an Anemo (Wind) ability on the Dandelions to collect the seeds
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