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How To Pick Up And Cook Meat In Sons Of The Forest

Learning to pick up and cook meat is vital if you want to survive on the island. In this guide on How To Pick Up And Cook Meat In Sons Of The Forest we’ll explain the process of finding, preparing, and eating food so you can focus on building your base and surviving the threats of the island.

Firstly, let’s go into gathering meat. It’s relatively simple, you kill a creature and then approach the creature while having a knife in your inventory. Follow the on-screen prompt, E, to harvest the meat. Most animals the meat immediately goes into your backpack but for certain animals, like turtles, you have to gather the meat. Make sure you just press E to pick up the meat. If you hold E it will eat the meat immediately.

How To Pick Up And Cook Meat In Sons Of The Forest

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Once you have the meat you need to make a fire. There are two ways to do this. You can give your AI companion and order to make the fire or do it yourself. To do it yourself grab a stick and hold it in your hand. Then look at the floor. You want the icon that looks like two broken sticks, not the circular icon. Once you see the two broken stick marks, press the use button to snap the sticks, then use a lighter to light the fire.

Once lit, approach the fire until the interact option appears. Use the E key and it will bring up a small version of your inventory. Place the meat on the fire. Stay with the meat and watch it cook until it turns a dark color and then pick it up. You now have cooked meat. Be careful, meat in your inventory does spoil after a short time.

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