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How To Ping Nests In Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction

Want To Know How To Ping Targets?

An early Studies Objective needs you to Ping Nests on walls and ceilings. This guide on How To Ping Nests In Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction will tell you how to use the pinging feature as it’s both incredibly useful to your allies and also involved in multiple objectives needed to increase your Development Milestones.

The first Hot-Zone you can enter is New York. As with all Hot-Zones, New York Studies Objectives must be completed if you want to level up your account and unlock more Operators and other items to use. One such objective in New York tasks you with Pinging Nests that are either on walls or ceilings, nest that would otherwise be out of reach and could not be destroyed unless you use a ranged weapon.

How To Ping Nests In Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction

The Pinging feature is a very useful mechanic and one you should get used to use. To Ping anything you simply press “Up” on the D-Pad. Pinging a target will immediately alert your allies to your ping. You can ping resources and ammo chests for your allies to grab, you can highlight certain enemies, request your team to extract. It’s a very useful feature and allows you to quickly and safely convey vital information to your squad.

This particular objective requires you to use the Ping feature to highlight nests. To Ping an enemy simply ensure your reticle is targeting the enemy and then press the Ping button. This will Ping the target, showing it on your squads heads up display, while simultaneously playing an audio file to alert them of what you have pinged.

For this objective the nests need to be out of melee reach, walls or ceilings. They are easy to find. Every mission is filled with nests so simply run around and ping them until you have enough to complete the mission.

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