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How To Plant Seeds & Farm In The Front

Get Your Farm Up & Running In The Front

Planting seeds and crops is a great way to create regular, free resources for your camp. This guide on How To Plant Seeds & Farm In The Front explains the seemingly simple process of planting seeds into Crop Plots because, well, we struggle for a surprising amount of time.

Before you are able to plant seeds you first need to make sure you have a Crop Plot to place them in. You can unlock the Crop Plot in the Tech tree under “Structures”. At the very bottom, next to the Manual Miner, you will see the option to unlock the Fish Basket and Crop Plot. Select this option and then craft and place a Crop Plot at your base.

How To Plant Seeds & Farm In The Front

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This is where we struggled. Spending several minutes trying to add different items to the Crop Plots inventory to plant the seeds – as that’s much how the rest of the game works. However, that’s not how it works when it comes to planting seeds.

To plant the seeds simply drag one onto your hotbar and then select it, like you would a weapon. You should see the seed bag in your hand. Once you can see the seed bag simply look at the floor of your Crop Plot and it will change green – almost like a night vision effect.

Then simply fire, or press the LMB, to plant your seed in the appropriate spot. If you need more help farming, check out our Generator & Water Pump Guide.

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