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How To Play Co-Op In Bloodborne

How To Play Co-Op In Bloodborne
Why die alone when you can bring in some other people to die with you? The Bloodborne Co-op is a little different from the rest of the souls games. This guide will help you set up some Co-op so you can get a hand on the tough enemies!

How To Play Co-Op On Bloodborne

You will need two things in order to get people to join your world. First you will need the item called “Beckoning Bell” which you get in the Hunter’s Dream after the first boss. Second you will need some Insight, which you can get from items and beating bosses. When you are in the world you can use the Beckoning Bell to signal that you want to play Co-Op. Unlike the other games in the series you don’t place a sign down, you can keep moving and still signal you want co-op. The tricky part to this is another person has to also be looking for co-op in the same area as you. I’ve had the most success finding partners right before boss areas and outside check points. You can use the Silencing Blank to stop looking for a partner or to get rid of a partner you already have.

The Beckoning Bell is how you get people into your world. You need a different item to join other worlds. First you will need to have 10 insight and go back to the Hunter’s Dream. ON the outside of the house, go out the window area, you will see a second shop. Here you can buy a Small Resonant Bell for 1 Insight. You need to use this in order to gain access to other peoples worlds. So if you want to play with a friend you need one to use the Beckoning Bell with a password on. while the other person uses the Small Resonant Bell with the same password to join. It is a bit of hassle at first but it gets easier as you do it. YOU ALWAYS NEED 10 INSIGHT TO ACCESS THAT STORE! So if you go below 10 it will go away until you get 10 again.

How To PvP Bloodborne

You get the Sinister Resonant Bell item from the same store you get the Small Resonant Bell from. With it you can choose to invade other people during certain parts of the game. Be careful though, sometimes your opponent will have an ally or two.

Now you can teammate with randoms or a friend and conquer Bloodborne together!

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