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How To Play Coop In Outriders Demo

How To Play Coop In Outriders Demo
Want to play coop with your friends in the newly released demo for Outriders? This guide on How To Play Coop In Outriders Demo will tell you what you must do in order to play with your friends and other players in co-op, both on the same platform and via cross-platform with players from other platforms, although the latter is currently unavailable.

Before you’re able to play co-op with friends on the same console or another platform, you’ve got to go through the motions first. Initially you will be tasked with creating a character. It’s a basic character creation suite where you get to customize your face, hair, hair color, facial hair, etc. It’s basic but worthwhile to take your time making the choices as progress will carry over to the full game, so you don’t want to be left with a character you don’t like.

How To Play Coop In Outriders Demo

How To Play Coop In Outriders
Once you have made your character you need to play through the Prologue. This can be quick or rather long, depending on whether or not you want to watch the story segments, as most of them can be skipped entirely. It’s definitely worth watching so if you and your friends have the patience, be sure to explore the story. After a short while you will be placed in stasis and awake during a bloody battle.

It’s another few lengthy scenes from here, fighting off enemies and going through story. After you unlock your path, you’ll have another couple of fights used to introduce you to your paths abilities. From there simply open the game menu with pause, Options on PS4/PS5 and then invite your friends.

If you want to play with random players, simply head to the console in the town and interact with it. The tutorial takes you there.

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