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How To Play Coop With Friends In Valheim

How To Play Coop With Friends In Valheim
Valheim allows you to play the game online, coop, with your friends but How To Play Coop With Friends In Valheim is already a question many are asking. Valheim is in very Early Access at the moment, so there are a number of bugs and issues causing the game to crash when attempting to join a friends world.

The first thing you want to do is to make a character. Make sure your friend also makes their own character. Once you have both made characters, one of you need to create a world. You will be given a World Seed, but ignore that, just make sure you name the server something unique and easy to find and you have Community Server selected. You may also want to password the server to stop other players coming in to grief or otherwise ruin your time in game.

How To Join A Friends Server World In Valheim

How To Play Coop With Friends In Valheim
Once the server has been made have the creator join the server. It’ll take some time to load. Once you’ve been dropped in by the crow, your friend should be able to join you by going to the server list and adding the name of the server you created in the filters.

Then all they have to do is add the password you created and they should be able to join your game. If your game is not visible, it’s very likely you did not have Community Server selected when you created a new server.

  • Make sure Start Server is checked and Create a Community Server
  • Make sure to add a Password
  • Have your friend search the server tab for your server name
  • Join the server to start multiplayer coop

Whenever you start the game again, you will need to ensure Start Server is checked otherwise it will just create a private environment.

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