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How To Play Local Co-Op In Animal Crossing New Horizons

How To Play Local Co Op In Animal Crossing New Horizons
New Horizons supports local co-op multiplayer on the same Switch. This guide explains How To Play Local Co-Op In Animal Crossing New Horizons so you and your friends can join the same island on the same console using the same island save as the primary player.

When you start a save on Animal Crossing New Horizons you are, in a sense, creating an island for that Nintendo Switch. Other profiles can play the game but they will all share the same island. You’d have to delete your save data if you wanted to start again or have a new island. However, if there’s people at home you want to play alongside, there are local co-op multiplayer options available.

How To Play Local Co-Op In Animal Crossing New Horizons

If you want to play local co-op with a friend, you must first create an island. Once you have created an island close the game and have the second profile start the game. They will make a character much in the same way but will automatically join the island of the primary player. Once they have joined the island, close the game and join as the primary player again.

Tom Nook will call the primary player and give them a new app to call residents. Use the app to call a resident and select the other player when the option appears. You can then assign players to controllers. There are some permission differences, only certain players can perform certain actions but for the most part, it’s a great co-op experience to share your island with a local friend.

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