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How To Play Multiplayer In Star Ocean Anamnesis

How To Play Multiplayer In Star Ocean Anamnesis
In Star Ocean Anamnesis you can eventually play multiplayer co op with other players. You have to unlock this feature and it can be a bit tricky to understand at first. Check out this guide to find out how to play multiplayer in Star Ocean Anamnesis.

How To Play Multiplayer In Star Ocean Anamnesis

Multiplayer in Star Ocean Anamnesis is unlocked after you beat the second boss on the first planet, mission 1-23 Man-Eating Cave Survey. After you beat that mission you will have to download some more data for the game and when you return multiplayer will be unlocked. Multiplayer works in a couple of different ways. You can host it yourself but it costs stamina. This does get you more rewards at the cost of your stamina. You can join up with random players by clicking Join Forces with other explorers, the purple button at the bottom of the screen in the event or world area. Click join lobby and then auto match for the quickest match. If no one is doing the event then you can’t match with anyone so you might want to host it yourself.

In order to join up with you friend, host the a lobby in the world or event you want to do. When you create the lobby you can invite from your mutual followers list and invite your friends that way. Your friend will then have to click on join forces with other explorers and click join lobby once in there. From there they can click join up with mutual followers and you will see your friends lobby. If you don’t have a full group you can make it public after you friend joins up by clicking on the Lobby button, right below the third characters equipment. Change it to public and randoms will be able to join.

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