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How To Play Singles & Duos In Call of Duty MW Warzone

How To Play Singles & Duos In Call of Duty MW Warzone
Call of Duty’s new Warfare mode has just released but already people are asking How To Play Singles & Duos In Call of Duty MW Warzone as currently, each time you join a game, it seems to automatically dump you into a group of three prior to joining the actual game.

In short, we don’t believe there is currently an official matchmaking system for solo games or games with a single team mate, duos. The official information has largely focused on support for three main teams, which is currently the default option when you join a game. This was the same for the previous BR mode in the franchise so it’s very likely the features will come at a later dater. However, there is one thing you can do that may help.

How To Play Singles & Duos In Call of Duty Modern Warfare Warzone

How To Play Singles & Duos In Call of Duty  Warzone
When you are in your lobby, either alone or with a single other friend, you can change the Squad Fill to “Don’t Fill”. This tells the game that it does not want you to fill your squad. This works as both a solo competitor and as a duo competitor.

When you start the game there is a chance that the game will launch as a solo or duo. However, you are still in a lobby filled with other 3 man teams, so you will be at a disadvantage based on pure numbers alone. However, there is also a chance the game will completely ignore your request for “Don’t Fill” and it put you in a three man anyway. Currently however, the “Don’t Fill” option is the only potential way of being able to play singles or duos in Modern Warfare Warzone.

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