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How To Play With Friends In Blackwake

How To Play With Friends In Blackwake
Want to set sail aboard the same ship as your friends and buddies in Blackwake? This guide on How To Play With Friends In Blackwake explains the needlessly complicated aspects of joining a party with other players and getting it so that you’re able to play aboard the game ship.

Blackwake recently went on sale on Steam at a huge discount, encouraging thousands of new players to dive into the game and see what’s what. As such, it’s only natural that a lot of players will want to play with friends and others they may meet in game, but it’s a bit more complicated than your regular Steam game.

How To Play With Friends In Blackwake

So, the first thing you need to do is on the main menu before you join a game. You will see an option called Party Tag. You need to create a Party Tag and share that tag with your friends. Make sure each player has set an identical Party Tag before proceeding.

The next step is joining a server. The server itself doesn’t matter, you can pick any server that provides the best thing, or perhaps you know of a community with a private server. Either way, the only important aspect of this step is to make sure all players are on the same server. Double check because every group of friends has that one friend. The best way to check if your group of friends has that one friend, is to look at the scoreboard. All players that have an identical Party Tag to you will be displayed in blue.

  • Make sure all players in your party have an identical Party Tag
  • All players join the exact same server
  • Once in the server, check the scoreboard for blue names
  • If your friends are all listed in blue, you have completed all steps
  • Simply wait for the next round to start and you will join your friends.

If you join a game in progress, you will be assigned a random ship. After that round is complete, you and all of your correctly tagged friends will be placed on a ship for that, and all future rounds.

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