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How To Play With Friends In Magic: Legends

How To Play With Friends In Magic: Legends
Want to invite your friends to a party in Magic: Legends? This guide on How To Play With Friends In Magic: Legends will tell you everything you need to know to form a party with your fellow Planeswalkers so that you can explore, adventure, and complete quests together as a group.

Magic: Legends is a free-to-play, online, action RPG. This means you can play alongside players from around the world. Each map is divided into zones, a single server on a cluster of servers. The chances of randomly matching up with your friends is very slim, especially at the moment. Thousands of players are clambering into the game. So, if you want to form up a party and go on an adventure with your friends, you will need to invite them to a party.

How To Play With Friends In Magic: Legends

You need to make sure, before you try inviting friends, that you are already out of the tutorial. This is when you arrive in Tazeem and meet up with Nissa, the Planeswalker. Once you’ve met Nissa, follow the objective until you reach Briarthorn Glade. This is where the tutorial part of the game stops and you’re added to the overall servers for that region. Once you’re in the appropriate region, you need to complete all the main quests there. When you finish Tazeem and you unlock the next plane, press Escape. This will bring up a menu where you can invite friends to your party. Both Epic Games and Arc share the same servers, so you should be able to play with any of your friends, regardless of platform.

  • Complete the entire tutorial area
  • After you arrive on Tazeem, follow Nissa for a few objectives until you can see other players on your map
  • Once you can see other players on your map, you are no longer in a private, instanced area of the game
  • Now you need to follow the main quests until you complete all of Tazeem, this can take a few hours
  • Once you reach the next zone, The Sanctum, you can invite friends
  • Press “Escape” and then select the + Invite to Party option and you can invite players to join you on your adventure.

Reading through the in-game chat, a number of people are reporting that they are not able to invite friends to a party and they cannot see other players on the map. It could be a bug, so watch out for that.

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