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How To Play With Friends In Nioh 2

How To Play With Friends In Nioh 2
Want to know how to form a party or join your friends game in Nioh 2? This guide on How To Play With Friends In Nioh 2 covers every base. We tell you how to join a friends game if you are the host or, if you are hoping to join a friends lobby, we’ll cover that as well. Everything you need to squad up.

Firstly, as Nioh 2 is on PlayStation 4, make sure that all parties involved have PlayStation Plus. It’s a requirement in many games with an online multiplayer component. If one of you does not have PlayStation Plus, you will not be able to play online or join a friends lobby in Nioh 2.

How To Play With Friends In Nioh 2

As The Host
If you want your friend to join your game world, follow these instructions.

  • Visit a Kodama Shrine INSIDE a level. You cannot invite on the World Map
  • Select Summon Visitor
  • Press Triangle for the Sub-Menu and select “Change Settings”
  • Press Right until you reach “Secret Word”
  • Press X to edit the “Secret Word”
  • Choose a Secret Word and tell your friend
  • You need one Ochoko Cup for each person you want to visit

As Visitor
If you want to join your friends lobby and not invite them to your lobby, follow these instructions.

  • You can only join a game if you have beaten the level you are attempting to join
  • Go to the “Starting Point Shrine” on the World Map
  • Select Torii Gate at the bottom
  • Select Random Encounters
  • Scroll down to Special Matching Conditions
  • Select Secret Word
  • Enter your friends Secret Word

And that’s How To Play With Friends In Nioh 2.

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