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How To Raise Barriers & Fences In Planet Zoo

How To Raise Barriers & Fences In Planet Zoo
Want to increase the height of your enclosure walls? This guide explains How To Raise Barriers & Fences In Planet Zoo as it’s a vital aspect of certain enclosures. After all, you wouldn’t want your tigers leaping the fence and having face-to-face introductions with your visitors.

Not all animals require high fenced enclosures. Some, like the Tortoise, don’t have much of a jump ability so you don’t need to increase the height for all enclosures. Check the animal information tab and look under the enclosure stat to ensure the fences are the appropriate height.

How To Raise Barriers & Fences In Planet Zoo

Double click one part of the fence surrounding the enclosure. That brings up a small on-screen menu. You have an up and down arrow, triangles to the left and right, and a + in the center. Press the triangle button, this selects the next bit of fence (you can also click and drag), do this until the entire closure is selected.

Once the entire enclosure is selected press and hold on the up and down arrow. Now you can simply drag up or down to increase or decrease the height of the entire enclosure.

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