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How To Raise Graveyard Quality To 5 In Graveyard Keeper

How To Raise Graveyard Quality To 5 In Graveyard Keeper
Raising the Graveyard to Quality 5 unlocks the church and a ton of stuff. This guide will tell you How To Raise Graveyard Quality To 5 In Graveyard Keeper so you can clear all the debris and make your graveyard a place the Bishop can be proud of. Sort of.

First things first. There’s a lot of very basic jobs you can do to increase the quality level of your Graveyard. Simple things that just require energy. Make sure you clear all the dead trees and other debris from the graveyard before moving on to more rewarding aspects.

How To Raise Graveyard Quality To 5 In Graveyard Keeper

[line style=’solid’ top=’10’ bottom=’10’ width=’100%’ height=’1′ color=’blue’] Once you have cleared all the garbage away, it’s time to pretty things up. If you check the building box at the Church you will see a recipe for Flower Beds. These are easily the best and fastest way to improve Graveyard Quality in the early stages of the game. There’s a few slots you can fill so make sure you fill them up. You can find Red Flowers scattered throughout the game, there’s also a few North of the main village. You can either create Peat with a Compost Bin or buy it very cheaply from a man at a farm North of town, shown in the image at the top of this article.

Once you have all your flowerbeds down, it’s time to get to repairing. There are two different types of Headstone and Wall here. Wooden and Stone. Repair all the ones you can. You can gather some metal materials from the basement in your house. Eventually you should be able to repair nearly all of them. If you have any stone left you can’t repair, remove them and replace them with Wooden ones you can make on the crafting table.

That’s How To Raise Graveyard Quality To 5 In Graveyard Keeper. Any questions? Post below.

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