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How To Raise Personality Stats Fast In Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth

Kasuga’s personality stats are tied to unlocking new jobs, so you want to level them up fast. In this guide on How To Raise Personality Stats Fast In Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth we’ll break down some tips and tricks on the best methods for leveling each of Kasuga’s personality stats quickly and easily.

It’s important to note that although there are definitely things you can do to level up these stats quicker, it’s a lengthy process to reach the maximum level for all of Kasuga’s Personality stats. Passion, Confidence, Charisma, Kindness, Intellect, and Style are all tied to unlocking different jobs and other parts of the game, so knowing how to focus on specific stats can be a huge help.

How To Raise Personality Stats Fast In Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth

A map showing the best location to level Kasuga's personality stats fast
If you want to know more about all of the rewards and levels for these stats, be sure to stop by our Infinite Wealth Personality Guide. Many of the Jobs you can unlock early require Kasuga to reach a certain level of Personality before they become available. Firstly, a trip to the Ounabara Vocational School, shown on the map above.

This is an educational facility where Kasuga can take various Certification tests. This usually involves 5 random questions selected from a pool of 10. If Kasuga is able to get at least 3 correct answers, he will pass the Certification. This offers some HUGE boosts to all of his Personality stats. They can be quite expensive early on, so make sure you know how to make money fast in Infinite Wealth.

Using the Ounabara Vocational School will easily get you a few levels across your Personality stats, making it the best place in the game to level them quickly, but it won’t be enough to unlock all of the jobs.

As you increase your Bonds with your party members, you will unlock Bond Bingo and Drink Links. These are social events that massively increase the power of your party, unlocking unique combination attacks and abilities. During the Drink Links, Kasuga will have the chance to answer Personality Choice questions. These are multiple choice questions that, depending on the answer, will boost one of Kasuga’s personality traits.

A map showing another fantastic location to level up personality fast in Infinite Wealth, the Miss Match mini-game
Another fantastic location for levelling up your Personality stats fast is the Miss Match mini-game. This is unlocked after you complete Substory 7: Miss Match. It’s a dating app mini-game that offers a large Personality boost the first time you successfully connect and meet with one of the characters on the Miss Match app.

There are also a lot of Personality points to be had through the Aloha Links app. Once unlocked, you can greet random people you meet around Honolulu and turn them into friends and buddies. Each time you greet once of these characters you will get a small boost to a personality trait, depending on the type of person you are speaking with. It’s not huge, but over the length of the game, it really adds up.

Last but not least, Kasuga’s Personality Challenges. If you head in to the Personality menu, from the main menu, and then navigate to Personality Challenges, you will see a huge list of challenges spread across three different categories, Adventure, Battle, and Mini-game. This can be quite an overwhelming list to navigate at times but with a bit of patience, you can quickly and easily lock down several selections for big and fast personality gains.

For example the mini-games tab has challenges for SpikeOut FE, an arcade game you can find in the Anaconda Shopping Center. It’s actually quite a long arcade game but it’s impossible to fail. Each time you die you respawn with full special attacks, so just spam those. If you complete all levels and choose all characters, you can quickly and easily gain a massive 155 Charisma points.

Likewise, the combat tree offer some easy points as well. There are challenges to obtain certain numbers of weapons with each Job, so the first time you see each weapon, be sure to pick it up. The best options here however, are the challenges that task Kasuga with defeating enemies as a certain Job. Hero, Sujimancer, Host, Breaker, Chef, Aquanaut, Pyrodancer, Action Star, Desperado, Samurai all have this option, and it’s just a matter of choosing that Job for Kasuga and then defeating enemies. There are 33 objectives total and each set offers 55 points, granting a total of a huge 605 points spread across all Personality traits.

These tricks combined with the basic progression rewards and completing challenges passively, should get you high enough to unlock all jobs in no time.

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