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How To Raise Popularity & Satisfaction On Dondoko Island In Infinite Wealth

Both Popularity and Satisfaction are a constant requirement to increase your resort level. In this guide on How To Raise Popularity & Satisfaction On Dondoko Island In Infinite Wealth we’ll go over the two best techniques for quickly and easily increasing your Popularity and Satisfaction ranking on the island.

How To Raise Popularity & Satisfaction On Dondoko Island In Infinite Wealth

The single best way to increase your Popularity quickly is to gather items. All of the materials you can gather on the island, can increase Popularity. We’re not talking about the wood and metal crafting materials. Open the main Dondoko Island interface and navigate to the Dokopedia.

These are the items you want to collect. All items start at level 0 but the more you collect of the item, the more valuable they become. Every item has a threshold, for example 0, 25, 50, 100. When you collect that many of that exact item, and meet those threshold requirements, it boosts the popularity of the island and the value of the item. This is not only a fantastic way of earning tons of Dokobucks, but it also skyrockets your popularity quickly and is much cheaper than just making buildings. Alternatively, when you are at the DIY bench, place items that have the “Popularity Up” trait. If these items are placed near pathways, guests can view these items and each time they do, you get a boost to Popularity.

Satisfaction is a little more expensive to increase as you need to place certain objects on your island. At the DIY bench every single item grants Satisfaction, marked by the green heart icon. The huge buildings often provide massive boosts to Satisfaction, so these are a good place to start. You can also construct objects with the “Satisfaction Up” trait and whenever a guests inspects or interacts with the item, they will boost the Satisfaction of the island.

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