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How To Reach Adeptal Energy Rank Humble Abode In Genshin Impact

How To Reach Adeptal Energy Rank Humble Abode In Genshin Impact
One of the new challenges in Genshin Impact is to raise your Adeptal Energy rank to a certain level. Check out this guide to find out how to reach Adeptal energy rank Humble Abode in Genshin Impact. This way you aren’t trying a bunch of different things that are not working for you.

How To Reach Adeptal Energy Rank Humble Abode In Genshin Impact

The new challenge book in Genshin Impact comes from the tea pot housing area in the game. When you access your tea pot, speak with Tubby and check your trust rank with him. You can see your highest Adeptal energy ranking there. You are aiming for 2000 to get to the rank of Humble Abode. You can also press triangle and see how much you need for each ranking.

The way you raise your energy ranking is by placing furniture and trees in your teapot. You will have to craft some new stuff in order to raise it. While that is going on, you can start doing other challenges in your book to get extra things to put down like trees and rocks. All of these add to your energy level. Also, don’t forget to go inside your mansion and place things as well. You can’t place certain things outside and you cannot place certain things inside.

Once you get up to 200 energy, you will complete the challenge and get more coins. Check back soon for more Genshin Impact guides.

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