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How To Rebuild The Drain Pumps And Drain The Water In Return To Moria

This is one of the most difficult and challenging tasks in the game. This guide on How To Rebuild The Drain Pumps And Drain The Water In Return To Moria explains how you can complete this challenge from The Lower Deeps so you can continue with the story and reach the next region in the game.

It’s very important to note that this entire set piece is very buggy at the moment. We had the Watcher attack us through the floor of the cliffs on the side, kill us whilst being invisible, our bodies and loot containers vanished, the Map Stone broke and wouldn’t let us fast travel. It’s a bit of a mess.

How To Rebuild The Drain Pumps And Drain The Water In Return To Moria

The idea of this section is to quickly get across the water building Jeti’s and then get to the other side to repair the pumps before draining the water. The safest and best way to do this is to leave everything you own at your base. Do not bring any equipment, weapons, armor, etc. You need to bring enough Ubasam Wood to create the Jeti’s to reach the other side, 50-60 should be fine. You also need to bring everything with you required to build a Hearth, Furnace, and 3x Replacement pipes.

We brought 60 Ubasam Wood, 40 Coal, 50 Stone, 25 Wood Scraps, and about 25 Iron Bars. If you have the Map Stone recipe and some Black Diamonds, bringing enough to build a Map Stone is a really good idea. This is enough to build the jetis, then the Hearth on the other side, then a furnace near the hearth, and then finally 3x Replacement Pipes. You need to do it this way because the Replacement Pipes do not go into your inventory. They are huge and you must carry them. This makes avoiding the Watcher nearly impossible as you must walk, making you an easy target.

Once you have all the supplies build the jeti’s to the middle platform in the water, where the Watcher first appears. You then need to run to the far side, the left side as you approach, and build the Jeti’s over to the small waterfall. You need to run and build as you go, avoiding the Watcher and get to the other side before it attacks you.

Once on the other side, find the nearby broken parts and put them in the correct place. Then build the 3x Replacement Pipes and place those in the correct areas. Check the video if you’re struggling. You can use Quick Platforms on the large metal pipes to climb up so you can reach the Replacement Pipe slot.

Once you’ve replaced all the broken parts, pull the lever next to the cog in the main room. This drains the water from a nearby door. It does not drain the water where the Watcher is. So, if you don’t have a Map Stone, you need to return the same way you came in.

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