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How To Recover & Fill Stamina In State Of Decay 2

How To Recover & Fill Stamina In State Of Decay 2
Plagued by low stamina and the ZZZ sleeping icon in State of Decay 2? This guide will tell you How To Recover & Fill Stamina In State Of Decay 2 so that your citizens can get some much needed rest or replenish their stamina before the next wave arrives.

Every survivor has two main stats they must maintain in order to survive and flourish in the post-apocalyptic world of State of Decay 2. This includes Stamina and Health. Health is self-explanatory, if you run out, you’re in serious trouble. You lose health when attacked by zombies or you drop from a height. Stamina however, works a little differently.

How To Recover & Fill Stamina In State Of Decay 2

Stamina is drained whenever you perform certain activities. Activities such as running, jumping or attacking with melee weapons. While it can quickly drain and restore itself without too much trouble, it eventually becomes a much bigger problem.

At some point you will notice that your survivors overall stamina has been reduced. This is often due to exhaustion. You will see a limit with a small ZZZ icon indicating that your survivor is tired. The quickest and best way of resolving this problem is to interact with the beds at your Home Base and switch to another survivor for a short time. This will replenish your survivors stamina to its maximum level.

However, sometimes you need a resolution that’s a little faster. Some items that you can craft, such as a Coffee in the kitchen, instantly relieve exhaustion symptoms but they return much quicker. It’s a temporary fix and having your survivors rest is always a better way but you are able to obtain coffee and other stimulant items very early in the game so it’s a good solution if you have multiple survivors that are exhausted and need to clear an area.

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