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How To Recruit More Agents In XCOM: Chimera Squad

How To Recruit More Agents In XCOM Chimera Squad
Want to add more soldiers to your roster? This guide on How To Recruit More Agents In XCOM: Chimera Squad tells you how you can add additional units to your Armory as unlike previous games in the XCOM franchise, there isn’t an endless stream of recruits awaiting your invitation.

Other games in the XCOM franchise have focused nearly entirely on random generation for other soldiers and units that you can recruit to your army. Everything from their appearance to their classes, weapons, and nickname, all were randomly generated in such a way to keep the experience fresh and engaging from start to finish. XCOM: Chimera Squad does embody some of those same elements, but not to the extent of past games.

How To Recruit More Agents In XCOM: Chimera Squad

Unfortunately if you have come to seek an easy answer to your question, there isn’t one. Expanding your roster in XCOM: Chimera Squad is a simple matter of progression. At certain intervals at the beginning of the game and once you have completed each Investigation against one of the three opposing factions, you will get the opportunity to add a new Recruit. You will see it on the panel that appears on the right of your screen when you’re at base, it will clearly state you have a new Recruit available.

We haven’t completed the game yet. We’re about to wrap up our second Investigation but so far, additional recruits and characters have not been available as Mission or Spec Ops events. We will continue to search through the game for other potential opportunities to recruit more Soldiers but currently, it’s simply a matter of progressing through the game by completing the Critical Missions that appear alongside the main story during your Investigations.

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