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How To Recruit More New Ooblets In Ooblets

How To Recruit More New Ooblets In Ooblets
Want to expand your elite dancing force with more Ooblets? This guide explains How To Recruit More New Ooblets In Ooblets as it’s not as simple as throwing a silly ball in their face, oh no, there’s much more involved in growing your team with new Ooblets.

At the beginning of your Ooblet adventure, you get to make a decision on what club to choose. This marks your very first Ooblet companion in the game as depending on what club you choose, you’re given a single Ooblet companion to aid you on your adventure. However, after that, the process of recruiting more Ooblets is a little different. While some Ooblets may be given through story progress, we’re covering the main method of recruiting new Ooblets.

How To Recruit More New Ooblets In Ooblets

How To Recruit More New Ooblets
First of all, you’ve got to find the Ooblet. They are scattered around the world, they are very easy to find. If it’s cute and moving, it’s probably and Ooblet. Approach the Ooblet and interact with them using the Dance option. You will require certain items in order to convince them to dance with you. Once you have the items, challenge the Ooblets and win the dance off. When you are victorious, they will usually offer you a seed. Make sure to check your Tab menu for Ooblets as they come in three rarities, Common, Uncommon and Gleam – different colors of the same Ooblet.

Once you have the seeds return to your farm and enter farming mode. It works much like the other crops and items you can grow. Till the floor first, plant the seed, and then water the Ooblet seed. Don’t forget to water it daily. Once enough days have passed, you will receive your brand new Ooblet friend direct from the plant.

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