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How To Recruit More Soldiers In Phoenix Point

How To Recruit More Soldiers In Phoenix Point
Phoenix Point can be brutal, you’re going to lose soldiers. This guide tells you How To Recruit More Soldiers In Phoenix Point as it’s not immediately available at the start of the game, and a few unlucky breaks in a mission can seriously dwindle your numbers.

Firstly, before you are able to do any recruitment, you need to complete a very specific part of Research. Open the Research tab and make sure you have completed Haven Research Protocols. You can check on the “Complete” tab if it’s not in the “Available” section. If you have yet to complete this research, you must first select it and ensure it is fully completed before you’re able to hire more soldiers for your teams.

How To Recruit More Soldiers In Phoenix Point

How To Recruit More Soldiers In Phoenix Point
Once you have the research completed, you need to Explore as many “?” icons as possible. These can be many different things. New missions, salvaging opportunities, surprise events, there’s a lot of variety here. You are specifically searching for Havens. In most games you will encounter Havens very quickly, usually finding you’re introduced to the other major factions in the first 4-5 “?” locations.

You may encounter Havens that do not allow you to recruit. Zoom in slightly on the map, there is a small orange icon of a person. This is the icon for Recruitment. If a Haven has that icon displayed next to it, you can visit the Haven and select the Recruit option. To do this, first select Haven Info, then you will see the Training Center. This lists the Soldiers class, level, name, and price.

A quick breakdown:

  • Complete “Haven Research Protocols” Research
  • Find a Haven with a small orange icon of a person
  • Select the Haven and choice Haven Info
  • Check the “Trainer Center” for the Soldiers details.

And that’s How To Recruit More Soldiers In Phoenix Point.

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