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How To Remove Mushroom Plant Vines In God Of War Ragnarok

One of the different barriers that can block your path are bushes or vines covered in mushrooms. This guide on How To Remove Mushroom Plant Vines In God Of War Ragnarok will tell you what you need to know to remove these blockades so you can explore more areas, gather more loot, and complete more content.

So, just to get this out of the way as early as possible, this is completely story-related. You cannot miss it, it’s not an item you need to collection or a Favour you must complete. It’s completely based on story progress. So if you want to avoid even the minor spoilers below, continue playing knowing you cannot miss the ability to remove vines, so just keep going and you’ll get there.

How To Remove Mushroom Plant Vines In God Of War Ragnarok

For everyone else, you need to reach The Path quest, The Reckoning. This is about 10-15 hours into the game, depending on whether or not you do a lot of side content and what difficulty setting you’re playing on. During this quest, you will be with Freyja as she returns home to try and break Odin’s hold on her. As she cannot maintain her true form, she accompanies you as a bird until you get right to the end of the level.

At the end of the level you will face a boss. Once the boss is defeated, you and Freyja leave. As you’re leaving the game will walk you through the process of destroying the mushroom vines. You need to aim at the vines and then press Square for Freyja to use her ability and then switch to your chain weapons. With the chain weapons, hold L2 and press R2 to set the sigil Freyja placed on fire. This burns through the vines and clears the path.

  • Follow The Path (which is the main story missions) until you reach The Reckoning as the Active Mission
  • Aid Freyja during The Reckoning and defeat the boss at the end of the mission
  • As you go to leave the quest Freyja explains that she can remove these obstacles for you
  • Aim at the mushroom vines with L2 and then press Square, Freyja will use her ability. Then, with your chains equipped, aim with L2 and hit with R2 to set them on fire.
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