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How To Remove Negative Character Traits In King Arthur: Knight’s Tale

Negative traits can really hurt Loyalty or rewards in the game. This guide on How To Remove Negative Character Traits In King Arthur: Knight’s Tale will tell you everything you need to know about removing Negative traits from your favorite characters and heroes.

Traits come in all shapes and sizes (seriously, check out our list of Traits guide). While the overwhelming majority are positive, there are also Negative traits. These vary greatly. It can be everything from reducing a Heroes Loyalty when certain conditions aren’t met, to making it easier for them to die on the battlefield. As such, it’s not a terrible idea to remove the more serious & dangerous Negative Traits from Heroes you play frequently, resulting in just their positive Traits being effective.

How To Remove Negative Character Traits In King Arthur: Knight’s Tale

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If you want to remove negative traits from your favorite characters you need to find a specific item, it’s called the Tome of Release. Using this item will remove a single, randomly selected Negative trait from any character or hero that uses it. These are quite rare but you can find the first one during the first act. After you claim Camelot and start the first act, follow the main story until the main story mission becomes level 4.

You are probably still level 3 at this point. Complete all of the side missions in the area until the Forbidden Keep Side Mission opens up. This is around level 4. Complete that mission and you will unlock your first Tome of Release.

Tome of Release Locations
[list style=’regular’] [list_item]Forbidden Keep – Side Mission – Level 4 – Act I[/list_item] [/list]

We are updating this as we progress through the game.

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