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How To Remove The Second Magic Gate In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Dreamlight Valley With Great Power Quest Guide

One of the main quests in Dreamlight Valley has you opening a few gates by solving riddles. Check out this guide to find out How To Remove The Second Magic Gate In Disney Dreamlight Valley. This way you can move on with the game and unlock new areas.

How To Remove The Second Magic Gate In Disney Dreamlight Valley

So the first gate is pretty simple, you just need the right color gems for each statue.

The next one requires a bit more thinking. You will need to get three different kinds of seeds and plant them here. You will need Wheat Seeds, tomato seeds, and carrot seeds. I’m not sure if the order you plant them in matters or not, but I did tomato, carrot, and then wheat and it worked for me. You will have to come back and water the plants a few times and once they fully grow the door will open for you.

Now grab the veggies that you just grew and go to door number three. Use the stove there to combine the tomato, carrot, and wheat to make some veggie pasta. Eat it and the last door will be removed. Fish up the power orb and leave the cave. Use the orb on the shadow pillar outside and you will beat this part of the quest.

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