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How To Remove The Virus From The Chip In Cyberpunk 2077

How To Remove The Virus From The Chip In Cyberpunk 2077
One of the options in Cyberpunk 2077 has you obtaining a virus chip from Militech. Check out this guide to find out how to remove the virus from the chip in Cyberpunk 2077. This way you have all the options open to you when dealing with the Maelstrom.

How To Remove The Virus From The Chip In Cyberpunk 2077

After you get the chip, you can find it in your Journal menu under Shards. For me it was at the very bottom, it should be for you as well. Scroll over it and near the top you should see the option to hack into the chip. From here it is a basic breach protocol and you have to align the numbers to disable the virus. You do have two options however, remove virus or copy the virus. I copied the virus, which I haven’t been able to use in about 12 hours of play so far. I will update if it pops up down the line

If you remove the virus, you can get the chip to the Maelstrom Leader without having his guys blow up. However, knowledge of the virus is enough, you don’t have to remove it. If you tell him about the virus he will remove it himself and you can take the bot without having to fight him or his goons. The Militech lady will NOT be happy about this, but you get out with no fighting. Royce is the leader and he does have an Iconic Pistol though, if you are collecting those.

Personally, in my opinion, copy the virus, use the chip to fry some of the Maelstorm guys, fight your way out and collect a ton of loot, and beat the mission. That’s what I recommend anyways.

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