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How To Repair Items In Valheim

How To Repair Items In Valheim
One of the things you will need to do pretty regularly in Valheim is repairing your items. Check out this guide to find out how to repair items in Valheim. This way you aren’t running around with three broken axes and a busted up club forever.

How To Repair Items In Valheim

In order to repair your items you will need to get a workbench. You can build this by getting a hammer and then using right click on the mouse to open your build menu. Gather enough wood to craft a workbench and then put one down. You can’t use the bench unless it is under a roof though. Using the hammer, build up around the workbench or build a new house and build a new workbench inside.

When you the workbench is inside a building, interact with it. On the right hand side you can see crafting, where you can craft any new items. There is also a hammer on the outskirts of that crafting menu. Click that and it will start to repair your items for you. You will have to click it a few times to get everything, but if you have the materials you might as well. From there you can craft new items and repair your stuff regularly as you go on.

  • Gather wood and build hammer
  • Right click with hammer equipped and build workshop
  • Build building with roof around workshop
  • Use workbench inside building to repair with the hammer symbol next to the crafting menu

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