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How To Repair Narvi Furnace (Replacement Pipe) In Lord of the Rings Return To Moria

The Great Furnace of Narvi needs repairing in order to unlock more equipment recipes. This guide on How To Repair Narvi Furnace (Replacement Pipe) In Lord of the Rings Return To Moria lists the location of each of the missing pieces as well as a walkthrough on how to repair it.

As Lord of the Rings Return to Moria features procedurally generated elements, it is possible that the objects listed in the guide below may be in different locations for you. Even so, it’s unlikely it will be drastically different so the general concept should remain much of the same.

How To Repair The Great Furnace of Narvi In Lord of the Rings Return To Moria

Where To Find The Replacement Pipe

Finding the Replacement Pipe is probably the most difficult part of the mission as it’s not as close to the Great Narvi Furnace as the other items. Just before you enter the furnace, the large room itself, there is a small orc camp guarding the entrance. To the side of the Orc camp is a small enclave between the walls, you can find the Replacement Pipe sitting against one of the walls. Once you have it, return to the furnace and take the stairs on the right. Once at the top, press the R key to initiate throwing mode, you can then throw the replacement pipe to the upper level. Jump after it quickly and grab it again, to avoid it falling down, before placing it in the location to repair it.

Where To Find The Crank

The Crank is very simple to find. It can be found on the floor right next to the furnace. This is the part that belongs on the mechanism itself. Simply approach it, pick it up, and then place it on the handle of the device to repair the first piece.

Where To Find The Gear

The final piece, the Gear, can be found very close to the furnace as well. On the left hand side there is a side of stairs. Just past the stairs, leaning against the wall, you will find the Gear. Simply grab the Gear and then head up the stairs. You will find a space for the Gear on the wall. Simply put it in place.

Once you have repaired the furnace you will unlock the Steel recipes and such for use in your home base furnace. You will also be attacked by a horde once the furnace is activated. So be prepared for a fight. The smaller goblins are weaker than normal, so find a chokepoint to defend and you should be fine.

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