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How To Repair & Refuel Vehicles In State Of Decay 2

How To Repair & Refuel Vehicles In State Of Decay 2
It won’t take long in State of Decay 2 before you realize how important vehicles are. This guide will tell you How To Repair & Refuel Vehicles In State Of Decay 2 so that you can keep your best vehicles in top shape and keep looting to your hearts content.

How To Repair & Refuel Vehicles In State Of Decay 2

How To Repair & Refuel Vehicles In State Of Decay 2
Whether you are repairing or refueling your vehicle, you will need an item. You need a Repair Kit if you are going to repair your vehicle, and a can of fuel to refuel a vehicle. Both are found regularly at gas stations, repair shops and other realistic places you would expect to find these types of items.

Once you have a repair kit in your inventory stand at the front of your vehicle and the repair option will appear. Don’t waste kits by repairing too early. Even if your vehicle blows up, you can repair it and the contents in the trunk are perfectly safe.

To refuel, make sure you have a fuel can in your inventory and then stand at the back left rear of the vehicle. It can be a bit tricky sometimes, depending on the vehicle, but it’s usually always in the same spot. Try looking in different directions if it’s not immediately visible.

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