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How To Repair The Bike In Death Stranding

How To Repair & Use The Bike In Death Stranding
There’s a broken bike near the West Distribution Center. This guide explains How To Repair The Bike In Death Stranding as there’s a number of timed delivery missions about to pop up and a lot of distance between you and your destination, not accounting for BT’s and other hazards.

You can find the Motorbike outside of the Distribution Center West of Capital Knot City. The story takes you there very early on so follow the main objectives and you’ll find it after 6-7 hours, depending on your speed of progress and how much side content you explore.

This guide explains how to get the first bike you encounter to work, by charging it with a generator. To actually “Repair” vehicles, you need to store them.

How To Repair The Bike In Death Stranding

Once you reach the Distribution Center West of Capital Knot City you need to continue with the Orders there until you are sent to the Windfarm. It’s a dangerous trek, with high winds and BT’s in your path, but it’s worth it.

Once you successfully complete the delivery Order to the Windfarm, you are given a Generator that you can build using the PCC. Simply return to the Motorbike, place the Generator within range, and wait a few seconds for it to be repaired. Once repaired, you can store items on it and drive it as normal.

  • Unlock the “Generator” (Information above)
  • Construct the generator with a PCC
  • Ensure the bike or vehicle is within range of the generator
  • After 10-20 seconds, the vehicle will be fully repaired.
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