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How To Repair Weapons In Dying Light 2

Repairing weapons in Dying Light 2 is a little tricky since you can’t just do it from the crafting menu. Check out this guide to find out how to repair weapons in Dying Light 2. This way you can keep your favorite weapons for awhile and upgrade them.

How To Repair Weapons In Dying Light 2

The first thing you will need to do before repairing weapons is unlock weapon mods. Keep going with the main story until you get to that point. Now any weapon that you can mod can be repaired. Select a weapon you want to repair and click the mod button. If you can’t mod it, it can’t be repaired.

Pick a mod and put it on the weapon. You will see that it gets slightly repaired when you do this. You will get 50 durability per mod so you can easily fix up a weapon that you want to keep. If the same weapon gets low you cannot slap a new mod on it, so you might have to get a new weapon. I normally can get a few weapons to last one rank and then switch as I rank up.

Just make sure you can mod the weapon before you try to repair it. No mods equals no repairs.

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