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How To Repair Weapons, Tools, & Armor In Return To Moria (Lord Of The Rings)

Weapons, armor, and tools all have durability in Return to Moria. In this guide on How To Repair Weapons, Tools, & Armor In Return To Moria (Lord Of The Rings) we’ll break down what you need to do in order to repair your valuable equipment as well as go into detail one of the simplest but most effective repair systems in the genre.

Unlike traditional survival games, where repairing costs rare and valuable resources, Return to Moria allows you to repair practically every item with simple Metal Fragments. These are incredibly common, found in every region of the game, from items on the flood to breaking apart anything with metal. This means that after you forge something epic and powerful, you won’t need to constantly find the rare materials over and over again, you can just use Metal Fragments.

How To Repair Items In Return To Moria (Lord of the Rings)

To repair any of your items and equipment, open the build menu with B and select “Repair Smithy”. This it a standalone structure that you can place anywhere near your Hearth. Once it’s down, simply interact with it and all of the items on your hotbar and in your inventory will be shown. Then, simply. select the item and press repair. If you have any Metal Fragments in your inventory, or in chests nearby, it will use those to repair the items.

At the start of the game you find a chest that is locked and requires Ori's Key. In this guide on Where To Find Ori's Key In Return To Moria (Lord Of The Rings) we'll explain how you can locate this key as well as future keys you will need for a similar mechanic that stretches across the different regions of the game.
Fast traveling makes the game infinitely easier and more enjoyable. This guide on How To Fast Travel In Return To Moria (Lord of the Rings) explains the games unique fast travel mechanic as, if you don't actively know where to look, you can miss out unlocking this feature for 10-20 hours.
Black Diamonds are one of the most important resources in the game. In this guide on Where To Find Black Diamonds In Return To Moria (Lord Of The Rings) we'll tell you everything you need to know about tracking down this rare and valuable gem, as it's tied to the core progression mechanic of the game.
Orc Keys are used to open Orkish Chests in the game. This guide on Where To Find Orc Keys In Return To Moria (Lord Of The Rings) explains where you can find these rare keys so that you can kill all the orcs at the camp, grab the key, and open the chest to claim your reward.

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