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How To Repair Your Car In Need For Speed Heat

How To Repair Your Car In Need For Speed Heat
Hit a few too many poles? Cops tearing your ride apart? This guide explains How To Repair Your Car In Need For Speed Heat as the durability of most vehicles is surprising low, leaving you to be easily busted by the cops if your durability reaches 0 during a chase.

Next to your speedometer in the lower right is a durability bar, with a mechanic symbol at the bottom, this represents your current cars hitpoints, how much damage it can sustain before breaking. Once this durability level reaches 0, your car is broken and if you’re wanted, you’re busted.

How To Repair Cars In NFS Heat

Repairing cars is actually quite simple. Remember the Gas Stations you’ve spotted all over? They are marked by a fuel pump on the map and radar. To repair your car, simple drive through a Gas Station. You do not have to stop your vehicle, you can drive through the station and maximum speed and it will still fully repair your car.

During the day, you can do this as many times as you like. However, during the Night time you are restricted. You can only repair your vehicle three times during each individual night scene. Once you have repaired for the third time, you need to return to a safehouse to be able to repair during the Night events again.

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