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How To Repair Your Toxic Protection In No Man’s Sky Next

How To Repair Your Toxic Protection In No Man's Sky Next
When you start off in No Man’s Sky you will run into some Toxic damage on your planet. To prevent the damage you will need to repair your Toxic Protection on your suit. Check out this guide to find out how to repair your Toxic Protection In No Man’s Sky Next.

How To Repair Your Toxic Protection In No Man’s Sky Next

When you start off you might be forced to deal with Toxic damage, I was at least. Your suit is very low of protection and you need to repair it. To fix it up you will need to get some Sodium which you can find on mostly any planet. These are any yellow flowers you can find around with your Scanner. Just walk up to them and hold square, or whatever your collection button is and they will go into your inventory. From there us the quick menu, or go into your suit inventory, and click on the Hazard protection and use the Sodium to repair it. This is something you will be doing quite often to be sure to grab Sodium anytime you come across it.

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