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How To Restore & Refill RP In Rune Factory 5

RP, or Rune Points, are required if you want to do any manual labor on the farm. This guide on How To Restore & Refill RP In Rune Factory 5 will tell you of a quick and easy method to rest so that you can completely fill your Rune Points without having to sleep, so you can keep working during a single day.

Your RP is basically your stamina meter. If it ever runs completely out, your character will pass out and you’ll awaken at the doctors. Doing this several times in short succession results in very expensive medical fees, so you want to avoid running out of RP as much as you can. Before you’re able to restore your RP completely for free, you need to progress through the main story for a short while.

How To Restore & Refill RP In Rune Factory 5

Eventually, you will be able to visit the Blue Moon Inn and speak with Murakumo there. When you first talk to him you need to get through some dialogue but then he will appear at the entrance to the Inn, behind the counter. From there you can simply speak with him and ask “I’d like to take a bath”. This will instantly refill your HP and your RP, and let you continue working during the day.

During the earlier parts of the story, you get a SEED Crest, the Beginner’s Crest, that both increases your Vitality and allows you to bathe for free. It doesn’t work forever, once you get far enough in the story you will have to pay, but it does provide a good opportunity to increase your Bath level. Simply keep bathing over and over again, for free, to increase the level.

  • Follow the main story until you get the Beginner’s Crest, SEED Crest
  • You can then visit the Blue Moon Inn and speak with Murakumo and choose the option to take a bath
  • This instantly restores your HP and RP without costing anything
  • You can use the free bathing as an opportunity to grind your Bath stat, constantly bathing over and over again for free XP
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