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How To Revive Dead Hero Characters In King Arthur: Knight’s Tale

Heroes can die in the game but you can bring them back to life, and resurrect them if you will. This guide on How To Revive Dead Hero Characters In King Arthur: Knight’s Tale will tell you exactly what you need to do if you want to bring a fallen hero back to life and have them once again join you at your Round Table.

When choosing a difficulty or navigating loading screens, sometimes the game informs you that death is permanent. It leads you to believe that once a character dies, it is dead for good and you will not be able to use that Hero anymore. However, there is a special item that you can find that can bring Heroes back from the dead.

How To Revive Dead Hero Characters In King Arthur: Knight’s Tale

You need to find an item called the Tome of Resurrection. Using this Tome at the Crypt in Camelot will allow you to bring a hero back to life. You can find your first Tome of Resurrection during the main story of ACT II. You will get a quest called “The Excalibur” where you’re tasked with finding a piece of King Arthur’s legendary sword. Once you have completed the mission, assuming you loot all of the chests, you should find your first Tome of Resurrection.

Where To Find Tome Of Resurrection

  • The Excalibur – Main Mission – ACT II

We are updating this as we progress through the game.

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