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How To Run & Sprint In Pokemon Scarlet & Pokemon Violet

As you are exploring your home, you may find things a little slow. This guide on How To Run & Sprint In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet will tell you how you can activate running or sprinting so you can explore the world much faster and grab the items around your home much easier.

When Pokemon Scarlet & Pokemon Violet begins, you find yourself at home waiting for someone from the school to drop off some documents. Eventually, someone arrives and delivers your papers and then gives you some time with the starter Pokemon, allowing you to explore the grounds of your home with the new starters from the game. There are a number of items in the garden and around the outside of the house but walking is bloody slow, but you can speed things up a bit.

How To Run & Sprint In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Ignore the items initially and just head towards the story objective, the house in the distance. On the way, you will see a red sign that reads Cabo Poco. Just near the sign is an NPC with a ponytail and red pants on. Head to this spot and just as you get there, your character will start running.

You do not need running shoes or anything else. You simply progress a short while down the road and your character naturally starts running. You can then return to your garden and grab the remaining items much more quicker and easier.

  • You do not need to obtain any special items, like Running Shoes, in order to sprint or run in Pokemon Violet & Pokemon Scarlet
  • When you start the game you begin at home. There are a number of items scattered around your garden but walking is slow
  • Ignore the items and run down the road toward the big house. Halfway down that road, your character begins moving differently
  • Once you reach the area near the sign and NPC, you will be able to sprint

Make sure you catch the brand new Pawmi before leaving!

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