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Star Wars Uprising Guide: How To Salvage And Sell In Star Wars Uprising

How To Salvage In Star Wars Uprising
In Star Wars Uprising you will get a ton of equipment in your inventory that you won’t want to use. Salvaging these pieces of equipment will get you materials to help upgrade the equipment you want to use. This Star Wars Uprising guide will teach you how to salvage your equipment.

How To Salvage And Sell In Star Wars Uprising

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First off you cannot salvage in Star Wars Uprising right when you start the game. You will unlock the ability when you get to about level 10 and after mission 8ish. I actually got mine when I was level nine and I don’t remember what mission it was exactly, you will get a tutorial for is when you are able to use it.

When you can actually use the salvage option, go to your inventory and click Salvage. Now you can dismantle any of the equipment you won’t be using for upgrade and experience parts for your other equipment. Make sure you DO NOT sell something you think you will end up using! There is no coming back once you salvage something, once you salvage it is gone for good! You will get more parts for higher level and higher ranked equipment. Most of the starter items you will get from missions can be salvaged without you losing to much stat wise. Just double check so you don’t screw yourself later.

Where To Sell In Star Wars Uprising

When you get the ability to Salvage you also get the ability to sell. The sell option will help you get credits for the gear you don’t want to Salvage. It is on the opposite side of Salvage in the inventory. Selling something, of course, will mean you lose the item.

Be sure to pump those experience items into equipment you will be using for awhile instead of something you might get rid of soon. Check back soon for more Star Wars Uprising guides!

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