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How To Search The Tomb For The Helmet In Hogwarts Legacy

One of the main quests has you searching for a helmet in Hogwarts Legacy. Check out this guide to find out How To Search The Tomb For The Helmet In Hogwarts Legacy. This way you can move on with the main quest and learn some new magic.

How To Search The Tomb For The Helmet In Hogwarts Legacy

We also have a video if you prefer.

These are mostly butterfly puzzles so have Lumos ready. For the first one, you need to put a butterfly onto the center object so you can spin it. Use the push spell to spin it and the platform will raise out of the floor. You can use that to go get the other butterfly you need to get out of this room. Use all of them on the door to move to the next area.

The next room is a bit more tricky. Again you will need one on the spinner object. You will also need one on the left side near the exit door. This way when you raise the platform to get up there you can bring another butterfly. Grab three and bring them up to the next door and you can move on to the object.

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