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How To Sell Items In Fire Emblem Three Houses

How To Sell Items In Fire Emblem Three Houses
Need to sell your fish, bullion, and other items in Three Houses? This guide on How To Sell Items In Fire Emblem Three Houses explains an inventory that’s nearly hidden away from view, making it difficult to find and potentially leaving you with tons of gold in unused items.

There are two different ways of selling items in Fire Emblem Three Houses. Firstly, the traditional method. This one is basic and near impossible to miss. You go to the Marketplace, either in person or via the menu, and you select sell. This allows you to sell many different items such as equipment and loot drops, but not all items.

How To Sell Items In Fire Emblem Three Houses

[line style=’solid’ top=’10’ bottom=’10’ width=’100%’ height=’1′ color=’blue’] To sell some of your more valuable items, such as rare and valuable fish, you need to do it slightly differently. You can do this either from the activity menu, before you decide what to do with a free day, or from the menu when exploring.

Simply navigate to your Storehouse. This is where all of your gifts, lost items, bait and food stuffs is found. From this menu simply navigate to the item you wish to sell and select the sell option. This is how you sell your fish and other rare items you can catch or grow.

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