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How To Sell Items In Pagan Online

How To Sell Items In Pagan Online
Is your inventory full of garbage items that you can’t get rid of? Need to dismantle or sell your stuff? This guide will tell you How To Sell Items In Pagan Online as the feature is locked behind progression and is not directly available when you start the game.

After your first mission or two of collecting everything that feels at your feet, you may find yourself with a little inventory space problem. Every character has a limited number of inventory space and, once you have filled that space, you cannot collect anymore items.

For this reason it’s a good idea to rush through the first couple of story missions, instead of returning to farm items, as you may lose out on some good loot.

How To Sell Items In Pagan Online

You need to progress with the main story. After you “rescue” the Blacksmith the next mission you will encounter Dukat, a traveling merchant. Unfortunately, things don’t end too well for Dukat so after you complete the mission, he will join your Pantheon. The mission is in Act 1: The Pantheon, Absence of Gods, Quest for Dabog. Once you have finished that quest and recruited the merchant, you can sell all your goods and free up your inventory space.

You can also sell items directly from your inventory when in the Pantheon. Simple hold control and press left click.

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