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How To Send More Ships On Dispatch In Lost Ark

Sending out multiple ships on Dispatch is great for farming resources. This guide on How To Send More Ships On Dispatch In Lost Ark explains the process of unlocking more Normal and Special Mission slots for the Station so you can dispatch multiple ships at the same time.

It’s worth noting this is not something you will be able to do anytime soon. Even if you use resources to instantly unlock technology, you are limited to doing this 5 times per day. Unless you started day one of early access launch, it will at least be several days before you can reach Dispatch Station Level 3, the minimum level required for additional Station slots.

How To Send More Ships On Dispatch In Lost Ark

You need to progress quite some way through the research options at your Stronghold. The Crafting Addition section can be ignored but you need to research every available crafting research option outside of that particular section. Once you have researched all of those fields, including the islands and the lab, you will get a Building Upgrade option for Dispatch Station Level 2.

Researching this technology requires 12 Iron Ore and 36 Timber and about 10 hours and 45 minutes. You also need to reach Stronghold Level 7, which can be done without researching all of the other technology, but it’s the cheapest way. Once you have researched the Dispatch Station level 2, you need to follow the same procedure. You will eventually have the ability to research Dispatch Station Level 3. Once this is researched you can send other ships on Dispatch at the same time.

You get further options once you reach Dispatch Station Level 5, allowing you to Dispatch three ships at once. Finally, at Dispatch Station Level 4, you can send out additional ships on Special Missions.

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